Professor Cizdziel publishes Book on Forensic Chemistry

OXFORD, Miss. – Congratulations to Dr. Cizdziel and graduate student Oscar Black on their new book titled “Forensic Analysis of Gunshot Residue, 3D-Printed Firearms, and Gunshot Injuries: Current Research and Future Perspective”. As technology continues to march forward it is crucial that the forensic disciplines maintain their lead over the criminal element. The field of firearm analysis is one such area that has experienced rapid developments, spurred on by recent technological advancements. With the invention of high resolution 3D-printing and new improvements in instrumental techniques such as Raman Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry, entirely new fields of study have evolved. This book takes an in-depth look at the current state of gunshot residue analysis and wound ballistics, and showcases groundbreaking research in these crucial areas. The ramifications of the availability of 3D-printed firearms are also discussed, with evaluations of new and existing forensic methods on trace analysis of GSR and fingerprinting, as well as potential protocol adaptations to better address the unique challenges of 3D-printed firearms.