Office of Diversity and Community Engagement Mission and Vision Statements

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Mississippi embraces the rewards of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive academic community.  We affirm the values of UM’s Office of Diversity and Community Engagement, as listed below, and commit to the ongoing work to improve our community.


Vision Statement: A more equitable, engaged, and self-transforming university, community, and world. 

Mission Statement:  The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement supports the mission of UM by transforming people, institutions, and communities through partnership, access, and engagement that fosters belonging, enriches learning and development, enhances research, and creates equitable opportunities for all.  


1. Mutual Respect: Each person is inherently valuable, and we hold other people’s dignity equal to our own while recognizing that their beliefs, ideas, and values will differ. Mutual respect is the basis for authenticity, trust, and honest communication that transcend agreement and conflict. 

2. Equity: We are committed to identifying and removing barriers, improving fairness in systems and outcomes, and creating a more inclusive understanding of how opportunities for success and achievement can be made available to all people. 

3. Access and Opportunity: We have a responsibility to ensure that all people have the awareness, opportunity, and support to benefit from the transformative power of a college education. 

4. Learning and Development: We acknowledge that we will always have new things to learn, skills to develop, and that learning and development challenge us personally and professionally. 

5. Collaboration: We believe that the most pressing social, civic, economic, and moral problems are best solved through interdisciplinary collaborative partnerships within and beyond the academy. 

6. Responsibility: We must be accountable to ourselves and other members of the community. 

7. Civic Leadership: We recognize the wellbeing of each member of our community is interconnected, and we dedicate ourselves to making our community better for all.