Kallie Mosley- Alumna Spotlight


Hometown: Lake Cormorant, MS
BS in Forensic Chemistry (2014)


When and why did you decide to major from forensic chemistry?
I decided to major in forensic chemistry when I was a junior in high school. I’ve always had a desire to solve white collar crimes and have had big dreams to work for the FBI in some capacity. I have an analytical mindset and maintained good marks in science and math, so I knew forensic chemistry was the right degree for me.

Please tell us a significant accomplishment or favorite memory from UM?
My significant accomplishments in college were not only maintaining my Luckyday scholarship but graduating Cum Laude. Looking back at how challenging some of the courses were, I am blown away that I earned distinction at graduation. My favorite memories I happily share with five of the women that I took courses with all four years- Kari Ferolito, Cara Haven, Tori Stanford, Caroline Spencer, and Casey Badley. All our late nights in the library and our unique ways of explaining concepts to each other, I will always cherish and forever be grateful.

Describe your educational/career path since graduation from UM.              
My career path after graduating has been quite a unique one. After graduating, I began working at Oxford Immunotec, a tuberculosis testing laboratory as a lab technician. I was applying for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation but was only making it to the second round of interviews. I began researching why a precedent was set for others in the hiring process. Two of those reasons were military experience and a high-level security clearance. My father served in the military and when the idea dawned on me to join the United States Navy, it felt so right in my heart and mind. I commissioned as a Naval Officer April 1, 2016, and have been in ever since. It has been the best decision I have ever made in my life.

I am currently a Lieutenant Information Professional Officer, with military experience and a high-level security clearance. I specialize in shipboard communications, information technology and cybersecurity. I am currently assigned to Naval Special Warfare Group One as the Cybersecurity Officer. Our command is the immediate superior in command for the Navy Seal Teams on the West Coast.

What is the value of studying forensic chemistry in today’s world?
Studying forensic chemistry is undeniably valuable because there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes of solving crimes. It’s not like the TV shows or in forensic terms, the “CSI Effect.” Even if you don’t work at a crime laboratory or the FBI, a STEM degree can open the doors for countless opportunities. My degree made it a possibility to get into the tech field whilst serving in the world’s greatest navy. Earning such a challenging degree displays a level of thinking that will give you an edge when taking the next step in your career. It definitely has for me.