Student Seminar: Trey Vaughan

Graduate student Trey Vaughan will present a seminar to the department.

High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) has made easy a great number of the more difficult problems currently under study in chemistry.  Whether the task be optimization of complex synthetic methodologies, materials synthesis, or catalyst discovery, HTE offers the capability to deconvolute large problems in a highly-efficient and rapid manner.  HTE’s efficiency is due, in large part, to highly automated and precise control of experimental parameters from µM to pilot plant reactor scales.   The speed at which discovery may be carried out is made possible by rapid and highly sensitive spectroscopic techniques, data management, and powerful evolutionary algorithms.  At no other time in chemistry has the convergence of so many areas of expertise been so effectively integrated.  Whether the expertise be analytical, synthetic, spectroscopic, or theoretical, HTE integrates all disciplines into one suite.  in silico in vitro in situ, only in HTE.