Corbin Hughes – Alumnus Spotlight

Special Agent Forensic Scientist, Toxicology Unit at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation


Hometown: Olive Branch, MS
Transfer Student from Northwest MS Community College
BS in Forensic Chemistry, minor in Biological Science (2019)


Why and when did you decide to major in Forensic Chemistry?
I decided to major in Forensic Chemistry when I was a junior in high school.  I always liked science and solving puzzles.  Ole Miss came to my high school during a college fair and I found out that there was a Forensic Chemistry program.  After learning more about the program, I decided to take a tour of Ole Miss and I fell in love.

What were some significant accomplishments or favorite memories while at UM?
A significant accomplishment during my time was passing Organic Chemistry 1 and 2.  Those were the hardest classes that I took while at Ole Miss.  I will never forget the endless hours of studying resonance structures and synthesis reactions in the library.  Some of my favorite memories are tailgating with my friends in The Grove on Saturday.  Football season is just not the same when you can’t tailgate in The Grove during home games.  

Please tell us about your career path since graduation. 
After I graduated, I got a job as a Special Agent Forensic Scientist in the Toxicology Unit with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI).  I have been at TBI since February 2020.

I am a Special Agent Forensic Scientist in the Toxicology Unit at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI).  My job consists of testing various types of biological evidence for the presence or absence of drugs.  These are usually cases that are DUIs, Vehicular Homicides, and Poisonings.  I also testify in court as an expert witness on the results from the testing.

What is the value of studying forensic chemistry in today’s world?
The value is shown by helping create a safer community.  Crimes are committed every day and more people are needed to help speed up the process of completing cases.  This would ultimately help make the world a better place.