Admission to a Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry baccalaureate degree program is granted after a student gains admission to the University, as described in detail in the Undergraduate Catalog. As soon as a student declares a major in chemistry, biochemistry, or forensic chemistry, an academic adviser in the department is appointed.

Entering students need adequate preparation in chemistry, mathematics, and English.  An ACT Mathematics subsection score of 25 or SAT (Revised) Score of 600 will be required before students can declare the major and attempt the chemistry courses that are required for their degree program.

Admission with advanced standing is possible for students who successfully complete the high school Advanced Placement Program with a minimum rank of 4, and for students who achieve a satisfactory score on the chemistry test that is administered through the College Level Examination Program.

An applicant seeking to transfer credit to the Department from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning may be admitted with advanced standing provided that all University admission requirements have been met. Transfer credit for academic work in chemistry may be applied toward degree requirements only for courses that are equivalent to those offered by this Department, and only for courses in which the student has earned a grade of at least C.